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They’ve arrived!

The girls just called – they arrived safely, met Pastor Valentin at the airport and are now relaxing on the roof deck at his house. Flights went well, they report.

The team will soon connect with another visiting group, a church from San Francisco. We’ll keep you updated at least weekly.

Thanks for your support of these students!



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  1. Yay! So glad they are there safe and sound. I bet they are tired though. O.K. now I can relax. Thanks for the update!…love Annie Laurie’s mum

  2. juley petrowski

    I second that! I woke up several times last night wondering where in the world (literally) they might be and how they were doing. Hope the dog arrived safe and sound too 🙂 love juley, maddy’s mom

    • spuperkinscenter

      Sorry, no word on the dog. (Super-cute Goldendoodle who didn’t want to use his crate at SeaTac). 😉

  3. Let the adventures begin! I can’t wait to hear about all they get to do and see. God bless the Haiti Team as He lives in them and loves through them.

    Stacy Birks
    (so proud to be Emily’s Mommy)

  4. Oh so thankful for your safe arrival girls – – an answer to fervent prayers.


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