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Bonjou from Haiti!


Here’s just a quick update on our trip so far!

We’ve only been here for a couple days and we’re already loving it. We landed in Port Au-Prince and from there went straight to Pastor Valentin’s house, where we’ll be staying for the remainder of our trip. His house is in the middle of a very busy village, but it’s beautiful and has great views. We already know we’ll be going on the roof every night for some God and team time. We met some of the staff and interns, all whom were very welcoming and are already dear friends.

In the evening Pastor taught us some Creole that we’ve been practicing all day today. Cornerstone church arrived earlier while we were at the worksite. They are all very friendly and we’re excited to get to know them more.

The worksite is beautiful! It’s a big lot with a school that they are adding a second floor to. Our first job was to be a part of an assembly line that passed buckets of cement to poor into the columns. We were unfortunately cut short due to the weather. There is a tropical storm with lots of wind and rain. We were actually cold today at a few points, which was the last thing we expected.

Tonight we are doing devotionals and worship with Cornerstone, Pastor Valentine and staff.

We appreciate all your prayers and want to let you know that we are safe, having a great time, and looking forward to the rest of our stay in Haiti.

Love you all and God bless!

Annie, Emily & Maddy


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  1. So glad to hear you girls are enjoying yourself! Who would have expected to be cold though? Did anyone pack pants? Ha Ha! We all miss you all, keep on messaging when you can, it’s so wonderful to hear from you all! Love you my sweet Annie Laurie…….mum (Annie Laurie’s Mum- Suzanne)

  2. Thanks for the update, Team Haiti! It really helps those of us who are praying that God would keep you all safe AND use you in a big way for the sake of OTHERS.

  3. Oh what sheer joy to read your post and catch a glimpse of your lives in Haiti. I love visualizing you on the rooftop in the evenings – – I’m sure it is a favorite time of day and a beautiful place for all of you. Hugs to you three beautiful gals – – and a special hug to sweet Annie.


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