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Week two!!

Sak Pase!
We are entering week two here in Haiti. Our time here is flying by way too fast, but we still have a lot more to do. The past few days have consisted of working in Kwa Kok, a farming community that our host Pastor Valentin has been heavily involved with. Pastor felt called to start a church for the community, which started out as just a tree they would meet under. They now have a little pavilion where they worship and have Sunday school. Now they have begun digging a foundation for a school, and eventually another church building. We have loved getting to know the people in this community. We are already beginning to build close relationships with them because we have been working alongside them on the school project.
Yesterday we attended church in Kwa Kok. It was a very neat experience to worship with the people we have been getting to know, and realizing that we love and serve the same God regardless of language and culture differences. After church we helped lead VBS. We sang songs, did crafts, performed a skit, played games, and had a lot of fun with the children!
Later in the day we had the opportunity to go to another village and play soccer. We went to Miracle Village which started out as a tent community for people who were displaced and have medical problems due to the earthquake in 2010. Now it is a beautiful community with colorful houses, gardens, and a soccer field. The village has a soccer team that our group got to play against. Soccer is a big deal in Haiti so it was cool to be able to share in such an important part of their culture with them. It was a tough game, but they were very gracious when we won 
Last night and today a lot of people were really under the weather from the heat and some dehydration. Now everyone is starting to feel better due to lots of prayer and rest.
We are looking forward to our last week here- it’s going to be tough leaving this beautiful place! We will try to upload another post soon. Thanks for your patience! We hope everything at home is going great and be looking forward to plenty of stories! 
Lots of love,
Emliy, Maddy and Annie

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  1. Doug Petrowski

    Maddy playing soccer? Wow, that must have been special. Stay well; stay strong; keep up the good work.

  2. Such adventures! Keep drinking that water girls. I am so sorry you have been feeling icky. I can’t wait to hear about everything. Take care you three!!! Suzanne (Annie Laurie’s mum)

  3. It must be a beautiful thing to worship the very same God while speak ing a different language and having different skin color. What sheer joy! Love hearing about your singing, skits and soccer – – I can just picture it. Blessed to be a blessing – – that’s what you girls are! We’ll continue praying for you while you continue shining your Christ light in Haiti.

  4. juley petrowski

    We are anxiously awaiting your return so we can hear all your stories and see all your pictures. Keep on taking them, lots of them so we will feel like we were there there with you! I hope you are all feeling well. Water, sunblock, bug spray, water, sunblock, bug spray… Love you all girls, love Juley (Madeline’s mom)


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